Monday, December 10, 2007


Yeah, brilliant title but it is Monday. Hmm...could be cool to have book suggestions for different ages and tastes shared from branch to branch. I liked the Book Lust wiki, got some titles I need to checkout. The Stevens County Wiki had some good info on it. It makes me wonder if it could simply replace the normal webpage of a library? I am not a tech person so I have no idea in what that would entail but at first glance they seemed to have a lot of similar info to what we have on our website. Then we could simply have a public and staff wiki. Of course that would depend on what the public would be allowed to edit in the wiki. Sorry, I am giggling ever time I type wiki. Can't help it. And wiziwig just makes me think of Fizzgig from the Dark Crystal. Sigh, just another sign of my misspent childhood. Am off to correct spellings and so on in the fake branch.

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