Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sick and tired...

of being sick. Too sick even to knit :( Am feeling slightly better today so went to read fav knitty blogs to cheer up. Love this from The Yarn Harlot (note, my computer is behaving itself nicely so this is only for others whose computers are naughty)
"I would like a wee virtual button for my desktop that says SMACK MY SERVER."
Tee hee :)
The knitting blogging was making me feel better (although the printer was making me unhappy - had to hand write the Unoriginal Hat directions since it was out of ink). Found some lovely pictures on Yarn Harlot that made me laugh and think of Underground Dweller. Check them out at
The ones that made me giggle are from the Nov 12th post when Stephanie hits "The Royal" for fibre fun. The spinner's gang sign and the butter sculptures are the best! Might even pick up my socks and work on them. Have been reading my "comfort" books, Terry Pratchett of course. All those with Granny Weatherwax. If you haven't read them you should (check out my Librarything-got lots of them on there).
Watched parts of the Battlestar Razor last night and now want to go back and watch all the rest and am cranky that I have to wait til March for more! For those who haven't heard (which is probably not any since I am always the last too find these things out) Joss Whedon is doing a new series that should be on the air in February or thereabouts!!! Not as exciting as say Firefly back on the air but still good news.
Of course this has nothing to do w/2pt0 but what the heck. I am bored of feeling sick and wanted to do something. Might even cast on that hat (hey, most of my gift knitting is done...sort of).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Library thing

I like this one! I got a little carried away with all my favorites (that I could think of at the moment). Always have a problem with the Discworld books since there are so many and they are all great. This would be cool for the ref librarians to have to get more ideas for good books from people with similar lists/tastes. I wasn't able to find a really fun childrens' book we got in recently. The title is Hallowiener...just realized I spelled it wrong the first time I searched for it so I stand corrected - you can find it on library thing and add it to your library :) In parting if you haven't checked out Underground Dweller's pic of her beautiful shawl ( ) hop on over and take a peek - it is a work of art!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Scottish cows on Flickr

Instead of searching for a subject I looked at the world map and clicked on the photos from Scotland. There is a great shot of a horned cow in the highlands. The horns are framing an old castle in the distance. Really beautiful. A neat way to see photos of places you've never been taken by people you won't ever meet!

Shh...listening to podcasts

Found an archived podcast from the BBC, "Can America Go Green?"
Good question. Are we to busy figuring out how to do podcasts and make tinier computers and cell phones (with toxic parts that pollute in the making and at the end of life of these devices) to make the small (everyday recycling and composting) and big (what cars we buy/our commutes) adjustments to help keep the world in a livable state for humans. Most of the focus is on our biggest problem - cars. The electric car sounds great except for the issue of where that electricity is coming from - nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, etc. Along with the fact that none of the big car companies want to make them (not enough profits at the start or throughout the life of the car). The news is always so bright and cheery don't ya think?
Setting aside the content of the 'programme', podcasts and especially archived news podcasts are nice since you can catch the show you missed cause the dog was needing to go out, the phone rang, etc. I was able to find the title of a book my father and I had heard about on the radio (radio in our home and car is NPR 90% of the time) by searching the archived programs. Now my father can buy a copy of the book for his friend. Pretty neat but not something I will use all the time.
Side note - It is really difficult to listen when I can't get any sound when I plug my headphones into the monitor. Instead have to bend forward and not move my head when the headphones are plugged into the jack on the front of the cpu (cause I don't have an extra long cord on the headphones).