Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wiki 2

I found a great image to show us all the bits of a hardcover book and what to call each piece :) I thought since we have a bit about what happens to new books when they come to us I would find something about the construction of the books themselves. It was easier than I anticipated to add the image (however I missed seeing the sidebar with the up/down arrow and paniced twice and deleted the image because I thought I had erased the existing material on the page). I still think the wiki is a neat idea but I foresee lots of problems with so many people being editors (I am only semi computer literate and know how much I can rearrange things without meaning to and/or noticing). I don't know if it will be an easy tool for everyone to use (I am thinking of the frontline staff and their tight schedule/high workload/iterrupted access to computers). Tee hee, just read Underground Dweller cause my brain froze up. As usual, much more entertaining/well-written/reasoned than my little blog bits. However I have the best youtube video linked! Back to wikiland (good name for a little desert island, neh?). Can anything be done about the scrunched up type on the sidebar? It was giving me a terrible headache trying to find where to click.

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