Thursday, January 10, 2008


First off ow! My headache wasn't improved by trying to read all that on the computer screen :( Okay, that's my whine for the day. I am not incredibly enamoured of the idea of Facebook for my personal use. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my friends in real time let alone online (I really only remember to check my personal email once a week if that). Having a Facebook page for the library might be a great thing if it is kept up and kept interesting (maybe by one of our younger staff who live and breathe this stuff?) as Meredith Farkas pointed out. However, given the current struggle to keep up with all the tasks all of us are already trying to complete it might be a bigger bite then we can chew. Or not, if we could have a really great page that would involve the younger patrons more actively than they are currently. It seems to be a case of simply having to duplicate the information we have on our homepage and "rephrasing" it for a Facebook page - all that information Meredith was saying helped attract and keep younger patrons is already on our homepage. The feedback/comments would be wonderful to have to get a quick look at patrons current needs. I am just wary about Facebook for personal use due to privacy issues. Once it is on the Internet you can never really make it go away. Seeing what my ditsy cousins put on their Myspace and Facebook pages (and this is with their parents' supervision!) just makes me shake my head (ow, not today though). They are completely ignoring how easy it would be to find them in person (example, one posted a picture of her and her friend posing on her friend's car with the licence plate in plain view and her hometown listed on the page!). I know it can keep distant friends in touch easily and cheaply, it just still makes me a little wary. On the fence about ready to fall off on the I still like rotary phones side of things (hey, you have to admit that the original Nintendo games were great or else why would they be remaking them for the Wii? I know, that is getting into the touch tone phone era but close enough).

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