Thursday, January 24, 2008

I like these sites for students :)

These are a lot of really cool sites! I glanced at Stikkit but liked Comindwork and Backpack better. Seems to be lots of things we could do with Comindwork and students could use is for their school projects (that way all the notes stay together, no one forgets them on the bus, teachers could check on progress, etc).
I created an account for Backpack. The example of making a comparison shopping page grabbed me (am looking at having to buy a car in the next year). It will be really helpful to have all the different makes/models/etc in one place to look at together. I am feeling my way through the setup and so far the Help & Support links have actually had useful information (I know I had to stop and get over my shock at that one). The calendar part is for paying clients only (I like the one hanging on my wall a better anyway). The rest seems great. Hmm....well, maybe I spoke to soon. I was noodling around a bit to get better acquainted and found that maybe the part where you can add pictures (for example of the cars you are comparing) might just not be included in the free version (am waiting for an email back from support). Which is really quick and the answer is that the picture and file uploading isn't included in the free version. I will play some more and see if I can set up links to the websites with the pictures. For $5 a month you get most of the bells and whistles. Still, I could just write it all down and spend the money on yarn :) It might be very useful if you needed a sort of family organizer to keep track of projects and appointments and so on for everyone. That could be worth $5 a month.
I really liked the look of mySchoolog but decided not to sign up for it (since am not a student and wouldn't really use it). My nephew could really use it to keep track of his school and hockey schedule (guess which one he spends more time on?). It would have been a great help for me when I was a student. I might just email a former co-worker who left for grad school and give her the link :)
I hope we can find a way to make all these websites highly visible to our all our patrons involved in any kind of learning program.

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